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Did you know that the majority of gas stations, hotels and motels listed for sale in the business opportunity section of your newspaper or on internet websites never sell?

The reason is that the process of selling your business is so fraught with obstacles that sellers and their agents do not usually have the experience or expertise to successfully anticipate and navigate these many pitfalls, the transaction is doomed to failure from the start. The list of obstacles below is not exhaustive but certainly gives an idea of what the process involves:

  1. Sellers who do not price the property correctly.
  2. Buyers who misrepresent how much cash they have or who do not understand the cash required, not just for down payment but also for inventory, loan fees, closing costs, and working capital.
  3. Buyers who do not have US citizenship, a Green Card, or E-2 Visa.
  4. Properties contaminated above EPA Thresholds. (which many are)
  5. Oil Companies or Hospitality franchises with stringent or arbitrary qualification process for buyers.
  6. Franchise agreements with large unamortized promissory notes other obligations.
  7. Licensing authorities or SBA Lenders that require the buyer to prove exactly where their funds come from.
  8. Poorly drawn purchase and sale agreements that do not address all the myriad critical aspects of the deal.
  9. Lenders unfamiliar with this type of collateral (which most of them are)
  10. Appraisers without enough valid comparables to substantiate the purchase price.

After 25 years of marketing and selling hundreds of gas stations, hotels and motels, Fortune Company has the experience to anticipate every aspect of every deal that has the capacity to delay or prevent a closing, and this saves sellers countless hours of stress and potentially wasted time and money.

Fortune will also get top dollar for your property, first, because we have the largest database of qualified buyers for properties of this type, and second, because we will always substantiate your prices to a buyer by providing them proprietary information on the many comparable sales we have been involved in.

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